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expermental robats
by Salvation Tracts

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was cool and awsome

Akward Graphic Novel
by Svetlana Chernobyl

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was cute

May Magic Calendar Mysteries, No. 5
by ron roy

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tyhis book was exciting

Lighter Than My Shadow Graphic Novel
by Katie Green

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very sad and horrific story.

Explorer Academy falcons feather
by Trudi Trueit

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was a trilling book and was mysterous

Origami Crafts
by Annalees Lim

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If you want to learn how to make or do Origami's this is the right book for that.

August Acrobat
by Ron Roy

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this is a great book,its awesome how they both got their

The Dragonfly Effect
by Gordon Korman

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I have further started reading The Dragonfly Effect. It's getting closer to the action, but the pace is a bit slow. The villain has only started its villainous actions and is still far away from the main character. The main character is also getting an opposition besides the villain, of course. I hope that the action quickens up it pace so that the book doesn't seem that boring. I look forward to knowing what's going to happen next.

by Anna Carey

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You woke up in Los Angeles on some train tracks. With no memories whatsoever. You have a backpack with a change of clothes, a thousand dollars, a phone number with a note that says, don't call the police. You only know a few things, you are in Los Angeles, you are a teenage girl, you have a blackbird tattoo that has the code FNV02198. Oh, and one more thing, people are trying to kill you.

Kitchen Princess Manga
by Miyuki Kobayashi, Natsumi Ando

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This was a very well done shoujo manga. The art was beautiful for its genre and time period. The story wasn't the most original, but it was not too cheesy for a romance, and it did the classic shoujo cliches masterfully. All of the characters developed from the beginning to the end of the series, including the antagonists of the book, making me feel for each individual in the series even though they were the "evil" characters. Overall, a great series.